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Air Fried Pickles With Bacon and Ranch

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Air Fried Pickles With Bacon And Ranch Recipe Air fried pickles with ranch seasoning and bacon have my grandkids obsessed. I knew Papa and I could not eat a whole batch, so I invited as many grandkids as possible to show up and help me when I made them! We […]

Classic Irish Colcannon Recipe
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Classic Irish Colcannon Is Amazing


Classic Irish Colcannon Recipe The Ultimate Comfort Food Classic Irish Colcannon is the ultimate comfort food, and it’s cheap to make. How can you go wrong with a dish loaded with butter, cabbage, onions, mashed potatoes, and bacon? Irish Chef Richard Corrigan maintains, “there’s no such thing as a recipe […]

German sauerkraut casserole
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Best Ever Sauerkraut Casserole


German Sauerkraut Casserole Recipe I ran into this amazing sauerkraut casserole at a German buffet dinner in a tucked-away town in Nebraska, hosted by the local senior citizens. You will love this dish! German food is always hearty, flavorful, and unique! On a cold, drizzly October day, we were on […]