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Super Tasty Irish Colcannon
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Super Tasty Irish Colcannon


Super Tasty Irish Colcannon Calling all potato lovers! Indulge in a heartwarming dish bursting with flavor and cultural heritage: Irish Colcannon. This classic comfort food features creamy mashed potatoes, tender greens (traditionally cabbage or kale), and a touch of crispy bacon for a delightful textural contrast. Imagine: Fluffy mashed potatoes […]

Classic Irish Colcannon Recipe
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Classic Irish Colcannon Is Amazing


Classic Irish Colcannon Recipe The Ultimate Comfort Food Classic Irish Colcannon is the ultimate comfort food, and it’s cheap to make. How can you go wrong with a dish loaded with butter, cabbage, onions, mashed potatoes, and bacon? Irish Chef Richard Corrigan maintains, “there’s no such thing as a recipe […]