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Rhubarb Margarita


Rhubarb Margarita Rhubarb Margarita is a delightful variation of the classic Margarita cocktail, infusing the tangy and slightly tart flavor of rhubarb into the mix. This unique twist adds a refreshing dimension to the beloved cocktail, perfect for those looking to explore new flavors or add a seasonal touch to […]

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Rhubarb Pie


Rhubarb Pie Rhubarb pie is a timeless dessert that marries the tartness of rhubarb with the sweetness of sugar, all encased in a flaky, buttery crust. This classic pie has been a favorite for generations, delighting taste buds with its unique flavor profile. Whether you’re a seasoned baker or a […]

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Rhubarb Bread Pudding


Rhubarb Bread Pudding Bread pudding is a timeless dessert loved for its comforting warmth and versatility. While traditional recipes often feature ingredients like raisins or cinnamon, we’re here to introduce you to a delightful variation: Rhubarb Bread Pudding. Experience a delicious twist on tradition with our Rhubarb Bread Pudding recipe. […]

Easy Weeknight Rhubarb Crumble
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Easy Weeknight Rhubarb Crumble


Easy Weeknight Rhubarb Crumble Spring has sprung, and with it comes the vibrant tang of fresh, seasonal rhubarb! This easy weeknight rhubarb crumble recipe is the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of this delightful fruit. Packed with simple ingredients and ready in under an hour, this crumble is a fuss-free dessert that lets the natural sweetness of rhubarb […]

Easy Rhubarb Dump Cake

Easy Rhubarb Dump Cake For Dessert


Make The Most Of Your Rhubarb Crop Here’s a Good One I have never quite embraced the term “dump cake,” but I sure can get excited about this easy rhubarb dump cake recipe! Dump cakes go together fast because the ingredients for the cake are “dumped” into a baking dish […]

Rhubarb Cookies

Unique Rhubarb Cookies Will Amaze You


Use Caution You Can’t Stop Eating Rhubarb Cookies We have a prolific rhubarb patch, and I have made many rhubarb recipes over the years. All of them have been excellent, but these rhubarb cookies? Oh my goodness, they turned out fantastic. Rhubarb is an all-or-nothing crop. It is one of […]

Delightful Strawberry Rhubarb Topping
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Delightful Strawberry Rhubarb Topping


Delightful Strawberry Rhubarb Topping Recipe Make this delicious strawberry rhubarb topping, and let your imagination soar! Explore all the yummy ways you can use it! Spoon it over ice cream, pound cake, stir it into pudding, or layer it in a parfait with yogurt and granola. It’s great on pancakes, […]

Rhubarb Custard Pie Recipe

Old-Fashioned Rhubarb Custard Pie


Rhubarb Custard Pie Recipe Here is a very old, very simple recipe for rhubarb custard pie. It is the kind of no-nonsense recipe that’s stood the test of time, so you know it’s a good one! There is nothing to interfere with the wonderful taste of rhubarb, and nothing more […]