Apple Pie Bites


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Apple Pie Bites Recipe

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These delicious little Apple Pie Bites might be the slickest dessert you ever whipped up in your kitchen! They are the next closest thing to an effortless dessert when you combine the magic of refrigerated crescent roll dough and a can of apple pie filling.

You get the cutest muffin-size dessert that’s just the right size for a tasty little indulgence. When you drizzle a wee bit of the simplest powdered sugar icing on each mini pie, this little treat goes right over the top of yumminess!

Oh, autumn, how we love your flavors! We think you will “fall” in love with this recipe and make them again and again! Apple pie is an iconic delight of the season; Apple Pie Bites are the best shortcut ever!

Snag the simple Apple Pie Bites recipe right here and make some tonight!

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