Apple Pie Cupcakes


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These Apple Pie Cupcakes deliver every bit of flavor you love in an apple pie but take a fraction of the time to make! What’s more, the batch makes 24 cupcakes, which means two dozen servings of just-right-sized desserts! Sign us up!

The secret to this amazingly speedy little goodie is that it starts with a yummy boxed cake mix and store-bought apple pie filling! By all means, make your own homemade apple pie filling if you have time, but if you are looking for a speedy path to outstanding results, look no further than this clever boxed cake mix hack!

You will whip up the brown sugar cinnamon buttercream in a New York minute, then dust it with a wee bit of cinnamon, and top it with a perky little apple slice for the perfect garnish!

Hang on to this recipe! Here it is, Apple Pie Cupcakes.

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Sharing is caring!

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